Stern Star
The Stern Star diamond exclusive cut was developed during a three-year period and it was a challenge to the lapidary artists, with the help of the present highest technology. The new cut is an H.Stern visual signature, as it brings the design of a star, symbol of the brand, reflected by the placement of the cutting sides both on the top and on the bottom of the stone. The creation of Stern Star diamond was a purely daring initiative. It has neither a round nor a triangle shape, but a mix of shapes, like the pebbles found in nature. It´s the first organic diamond created by a jewelry brand. Thanks to the placement of its cutting sides, the Stern Star diamond reflects more light than the traditional stones. The new cut summarizes an H.Stern philosophy, which, once again, breaks the traditional tendency and surprises. Click on the image and enjoy it.

Noble Gold
More than two years of studies and more than 180 metallic combinations were necessary to reach the perfect result. The silver tone launched by H.Stern has the heat of the yellow gold and the refinement of the white gold. It causes sensation! The alloy and the proportions of each metal of the mixture are "H. Stern secret". The combination of the noble gold color, reminding a family jewel, and the modern design gives the pieces a very contemporary aspect. Noble gold jewels are perfect to be worn with other pieces made of different colors of gold, creating a sophisticated and modern effect.

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